V​/​A - Protectors Of The Prophecy

by Modgoblin Records

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"Protectors Of The Prophecy" is a musical journey which entales the discoveries a group of Lower-World adventurers had

found, that were rumored to protect and uphold the Prophecy of Darkness... The Protectors' mission was to explore and

record the distortion between our world, and a misunderstood lower-world. All that was known of this world, was that it is

Dark, ominous, with imcomprehendable beasts and mystical beings lurking within its Nature-ruled, maze-like environment.
The world we are from sees darkness as Evil, and often our first instinct is fear; but with the work of the Protector's, this

misunderstood, unknown and seemingly dark world: Speaks an ancient language, a distorted frequency which can be

observed and translated. This language isn't like any on Earth, it is raw, and sounds like growls, and the deepest roars

imaginable, mechanical, and organic - this Lower-world is one for the Animals, Trees, Ghouls, Ghosts, monsters and beasts.

When translating the frequency of the Lower-world, they didn't just learn about the dark mysterious world. But they

uncovered the Prophecy of Darkness, an ancient idea, but a new law.
When returning to our original world, the translation was lost, or so we thought. But in reality, it had been burried in secracy,

the Protectors burdened with the translation, until humanity was ready to face their fears, and blow out the candle...


released February 29, 2016

Mastered By : Gibb Tartaris
Artwork By : Harmless Prankster
© ModGoblin Records 2016.



all rights reserved


ModGoblin Records. QLD, Australia

ModGoblin Records began in 2015, created by Josh
Balsdon (Audio​spazm) and Jason Sorensen (Oddrapod) both from FNQ Australia.
With intentions to spread the deep, dark and the mystical side of Intelligent Progre​ssive/​Psygre​ssive trance .
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